So, what's with the name 17,000 Feet? 

It's a meaningful metaphor stemming from my obsession with Mt. Everest, whose Base Camp is located at approximately 17,000 feet above sea level (17,598 feet to be exact, but that would be a strange name for a company, right?). After reading Ïnto Thin Air by John Krakauer, I became obsessed with mountain disasters and the people who risk everything to make it to the top.

Honestly, creating a connection between my company (copywriting and editing) and Mt. Everest (nothing at all about copywriting and editing) was a stretch. I just really, really like big mountains... and words. That's about it. But, for those who need to make sense of this (you know who you are), here ya go:

Mountain climbing is a lot like getting good copy approved--it's about knowing your final objective and working tirelessly to achieve it despite the treacherous ice falls, frostbitten fingers, fights among teammates, equipment failures, sleepless nights, headaches, unexpected obstacles and near-death experiences. You might very well lose a finger or two along the way but, when it all comes together and you make it to the top, it's an amazing feeling.


(note: I cannot speak from experience on the mountain climbing front. I have not, nor ever will, summit Mt. Everest...people get killed up there, ya know.)