I'm an advertising account guy-turned-creative guy so I've got thick skin and a lot of perspective. I'm well aware of what account guys and clients are capable of when they get their hands on some creative and a red pen, and I'm ready to pay my dues. But I also know how to interpret a creative brief, ask smart questions and write copy that is clever, effective and on strategy.

Whether you're building a brand, launching a direct response campaign, or telling a story, I can tailor your message to accomplish your objectives. I write everything from print ads, websites, direct mail, newsletters, collateral and broadcast advertising to lifestyle features and blogs.

So if you have something that needs to be written, I'd be very happy to write it.

Or, if you've written something and need an extra set of eyes to check it out for spelling and grammar, and/or spruce it up a bit, I've still got my red pen. Old habits die hard.